Vagabond Club Townhouses & Resorts Replace OPERA, Develop Tech Stack on apaleo

++ Unique Design Hotels Need Unique Technology Stacks ++ Based on apaleo’s Open Platform, Vagabond Club Properties Build Custom PMS

MUNICH – Founded in 2021, Vagabond Club is an association of unique design hotels that require flexible technology to achieve a positive revolution that celebrates tradition. apaleo’s cloud-native platform gives Vagabond Club the freedom to choose, meaning they can utilize the industry-leading hospitality apps and create proprietary solutions. The first four townhouses, in Berlin, Leipzig, Wismar, and Dresden have already opened and are designed to match the individuality of each destination.

As a contemporary replacement for Oracle’s OPERA solution, apaleo’s property management platform was chosen. The open platform supports hotel groups with core functions – such as reservation management, rate management, and finance – which are easily extended to individual properties or entire groups. Thanks to the app store, this includes the connection to the leading hotel software as well as all of the opportunities for the open APIs.

Rupert Simoner, founder and owner of the group: “The Vagabond Club stands for the ‘Grand Hotel’ experience with boutique character. It is about charming city hotels and resorts that combine sophisticated design, individuality, and personality. apaleo’s flexible PMS core provides us with all central functions around reservations and accounting for the hotel group. The apaleo app store allows us to add necessary software services and create our Vagabond Club proprietary system infrastructure for each specific hotel product.”

Adrian Schmidt, Digital Innovations Director Vagabond Club: “With apaleo, we have found a partner with whom a modern hotel infrastructure can be assembled and even developed rapidly. In addition to apaleo’s central property management functionalities, we were able to easily connect other providers like Code2Order and develop our own solutions based on individual requirements against apaleo’s open APIs. In a very short time, we were able to migrate our four existing houses from the existing OPERA environment to the apaleo platform.”

Rupert Simoner adds, “The Vagabond Club townhouses and resorts currently under construction are also planning with apaleo and its capabilities for digital enhancement. In addition, I rely on apaleo for our upcoming Revo brand. This involves the comprehensive redevelopment of existing hotel concepts. The first project will open in Munich at the end of 2022, with around 600 rooms, studios, apartments, and maisonettes. Here, for the first time, the best of the hotel industry will come together, with long-stay services and many other modern offerings. This is a digital challenge that I am very much looking forward to implementing.”

Martin Reichenbach, Founder & Managing Director of apaleo, adds “With Vagabond Club and apaleo, two partners meet at eye level. The claim of the hotel group with large houses, digital boutique hotels, and sophisticated resorts addresses the expectations of current and future generations of guests. Existing PMSs cannot satisfy this expectation, as all-in-one systems are either too inflexible or too complex. Here, the only suitable solution is an open technology platform and an app marketplace with the best software providers, which apaleo delivers.”

Townhouse Berlin
Townhouse Wismar
Townhouse Leipzig

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About Vagabond Club

The Townhouses and resorts of Vagabond Club are places where like-minded people meet and have a great time. What do they all have in common? A conscious lifestyle, ideas and the drive to make things happen.
The same as we have. Vagabond Club stands for a strong belief in reviving the “good old”, preserving the best hospitality traditions, and for evolving them into the future.
Discover smart rooms, studios, or residences. Beautiful design. Unusual gastronomy. Modern fitness concepts. Stylish relaxation. Working digitally or meeting in person. All combined in effortless luxury.

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