numaGo Launches Digitization Solution on Top of apaleo

A platform-based, full-service concept for the hospitality industry to push growth for service providers and hotels

It’s the latest standard – hotels let their guests check-in with a digital room key 24/7, increase bookings from unused channels, and try to boost the RevPAR (revenue per available room) through pricing automation with intelligent revenue management systems (RMS). Based on apaleo’s API-first platform, numaGo – formerly known as COSI Go – provides the right solutions for each of these tasks.

numa Group is recognized for having the leading technology in the short-term rental sector with 26 locations in 5 countries and it is now positioning itself as a technology partner for hotels. numaGo develops innovative, tailor-made solutions to automate daily processes up to 95% – enabling hotels to achieve cost savings up to 60%. The numaGo solution is developed on top of apaleo platform, the only API-first cloud platform for the global hospitality industry.  

apaleo is based on the cutting-edge, API-first architecture that enables fast and agile app development and provides smart functions for the administration of hotels or serviced apartments (powerful enough for multiple properties). It includes solutions for inventory management, reservations, rate planning, and accounting. In addition, a large range of business apps and custom solutions can be connected quickly and easily through the apaleo ecosystem.

Most functions in a hotel are still analog, leaving new opportunities in our digital age

The innovative IT architecture of open APIs (application programming interfaces) enable app developers to have unlimited opportunities for customization. numa Group utilizes this flexible ecosystem to launch numaGo services for franchising businesses. Thanks to the apaleo platform, the numa Group will continue its growth path with the launch of this new business unit.

“numaGo’s proven know-how is now available for hotel operators and guarantees innovative, easy-to-use technology solutions. We see enormous potential for growth by encouraging the development of new hotels,” numa Group CEO and co-founder Christian Gaiser stated. He added, “in many hotels, most of the functions in a hotel are still analog, so we’re facing new opportunities in this digital age if you’re using the advantages of cloud technology in a flexible way.”

Having a digital strategy boosts revenue & occupancy and minimizes staff & operating costs

numaGo acts as a virtual hotel group, enabling hotels in all categories and sizes to digitize a property with a full-stack, plug & play solution on the apaleo platform. This lets individual hotel operators compete against big hotel chains and maintain a lead through technology.

Thanks to the cloud API platform of apaleo, numaGo has solutions for almost any problem to meet guest demand, for example: contactless check-in with digital room keys, increased bookings from unused distribution channels, and optimized pricing strategies with help from smart revenue management systems. With a digital strategy, hotels can boost their revenue, increase occupancy, reduce staff needs, and minimize operating costs.

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