Free Download: Netflix Integrations and EasyLynq



If you’ve ever checked into a hotel, turned on the TV, and been unable to connect any of your most-loved streaming apps, you’ll be over the moon to know that some clever tech-heads have been frustrated by the exact same thing - and are determined to fix it. EasyLynq Hotel is an advanced middleware for hotels and resorts that smoothly integrates any digital PABX and IP telephony server, together with the apaleo platform.

We approach common hospitality pain points with a pragmatic mindset and are also the brains behind GoTickIn housekeeping and maintenance SaaS. Our team is listening to hoteliers who have guests who want more from the typical hotel experience, as well as hoteliers who want to be fully equipped to offer the best service.

By strengthening the connection between the hardware (TVs) in hotel rooms and future-proofing the software, EasyLynq is making IPTV work harder for guests.


Connecting the dots

At its core, EasyLynq is a way for hoteliers to connect the dots - whether that be by connecting your internal platform to third-party apps, integrating hotel software with PMS systems, or acting as the intermediary between any existing hotel management systems and hardware. Among the services we support are standard call accounting and billing, traffic management, and guest communication. Where we’re revolutionizing our offering - and the way guests think of the hotel experience - is our integration with IPTV so that popular services such as Netflix form part of an integrated portable smart home experience for guests.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s take a step back and consider why hotel televisions, incorporated systems, and platforms that help to manage your property actually require a change in order to better serve hoteliers and guests. In recent years, the personal use of subscription streaming services, including Netflix, has shot up. As of the first quarter of 2021, Netflix had 207.64 million paid subscribers worldwide, and it’s clear that this market share will only continue to grow in the next few years.

Because of these personalized subscriptions, guests have begun to consider streaming services as a non-negotiable on the packing list. Of course, this is dependent on their demographic, but findings in a study conducted by Swiss ADB are interesting because of the predictions they reveal about guest expectations.

Most relevant to hoteliers are the following facts:

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